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#128 PVA Mixer

#128 PVA Mixer
  • Accurate Metering of Components
  • Easy Clean Up
  • Mixes Small Batches on Demand
  • Variable Mixing Ratios from 0% to 10%
  • Simple, Low Cost Design

The Taylor #128 PVA Mixer is a simple, low cost fully automated Metering, Mixing and Pumping system for Catalyzed (Cross Linking) Polyvinyl Acetate adhesives. It saves labor and material by automatically pumping precisely metered quantities of PVA resin and catalyst from their original containers, mixing them without using any intermediate containers, and conveying the mixed adhesive to one outlet.

Glue levels are monitored electronically and are maintained automatically. Opening the System Flush Valve flushes the entire system with fresh water. Mixing ratios can be quickly and easily changed from 0% to 10% with the turn of a knob. Glue is mixed on demand and there are no reservoirs to clean.