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Taylor Clamp Carrier Competitive Advantages

Taylor History
Over 101 years of woodworking machinery manufacturing experience. Our equipment has been designed, sold and built and our customers supported by our team of workers in Poughkeepsie, NY. We continue to support our used equipment built in the 1940s.

Industry Awards
Taylor has won three Challenger Awards which is the industry's version of the Academy Awards.

Machinery Design
Decades of engineering offers our customers an efficient design and proven award winning production equipment.... not a "Massive Super Heavy Duty" steel frame.

Our Clamps
Heavy Duty..not Heavy..there's a difference. The most rigid clamp in the industry at only 25 pounds. With a roller attached at the rear...repositioning is easy and fast...more productive. Most popular opening.. 40"/1 meter. Our clamp draw bar is designed with a slight amount of spring in the water evaporates from the glue joints the panels begin to shrink. The ability of our clamps to spring keeps the force on the panel even as it shrinks.

Clamping Force
With just over 3000# of clamping force, edge or face gluing up to 6' material is accomplished..... higher pressure will starve the joints. More clamping area is needed not more pressure.

Clamp Style
Clamps with quick release rear jaws is the proven clamp style. Full length screw clamps, although cheaper to make, are slower to re-position.

Safety first...flattener is activated with one hand after the tightener is activated with the other hand which eliminates the chance that the operator can get injured by the flattening mechanism. Tightener is operated with one hand...not two hands.

Tightener versus Impact Wrench
A regulator and air motor work to give even clamp pressure from clamp to clamp.....and the motor stalls at the appropriate pressure. An impact wrench is less forgiving, not as accurate and much louder.

Power Requirements
Our most popular clamping systems are all air operated...air for rotation, flattening and tightening. No combo air/electric requirements.

Service and Parts
We have full time technicians that travel daily to service our nation wide customers. Down time is Dead time. We stock repair parts for our 50 year old machines....and newer. Need a part tomorrow... it'll be there.

Being a small company we have to work hard for you..we have to produce a quality product..and we do.. That's why we're still manufacturing clamping systems in Poughkeepsie after more than 100 years.

Thank you for considering Taylor Clamping Systems.