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Mini Pod Press

Pod Press

JLT Clamps and Taylor Manufacturing are pleased to introduce the Mini Pod Press, a general purpose laminating press.

The Mini Pod Press is a low cost high pressure cold press laminating machine. It features individually controlled top platens and a bottom platen adjustable at 1 1/2" increments to a maximum opening of 40". The work area is 12" wide and machines are currently offered in lengths of 3-1/2', 7' or 10-1/2'.

Air pressure and alignment are carefully controlled via dial regulators on each individual platen and air can be locked in for any length of time through the use of a hand operated level valve.

Features of the Mini Pod Press:

  • Material Capacity: 12"W x 42"L [7'L] [10-1/2'L] x 40"H
  • Adjustable Opening: 0" - 40"
  • Maximum Pressure: 10 Tons Per 3-1/2' Section @ 110 psi
  • Dial Regulators for Fine Control
  • Pyramid Different Size Glue Ups
  • Modular Design

Applications Include:

  • Engineered Stiled and Rails
  • Engineered Flooring and Stair Treads
  • Face Gluing
  • Headers
  • Kickers
Mini Pod Press
78H Dial/Lever Controls
78H with Operator
78H Glued up Butcher Block