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Single Station Miter Door Clamp - #79K-6-M

Single Station Miter Door Clamp

26" x 62" Capacity Miter Door Clamp


  • Quick, Precise Pneumatic Squaring of any type of Miter Cabinet Door.
  • 26" x 62" Capacity.
  • Includes (2) Vertical & (2) Horizontal Pneumatic Clamps.
  • Each clamp includes the JLT Dial Control System for fine adjustments, which is simple and easy to use.
  • This innovative Dial Control System allows for adjustments in BOTH directions while the door is under clamping pressure
  • 15 degree working angle.
  • Also successfully clamp & square Stile and Rail Cabinet Doors
  • Accessories: 160B Glue Spreader, 79N Pinning Holster and Gun

Successfully Clamp and Square up to 100+ Miter Doors a day

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